• Now this is not the end.
    It is not even the beginning of the end.
    But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.
    Sir Winston Churchill, Speech in November 1942

Return To The Land of Academia

It is Sunday and I am in denial. School starts tomorrow. I am sophomore?! Currently, I am signed up for my second year of Humanities, The English Language (a linguistics class), American Art History, and Intro to Writing Fiction. Ahh this is will be a difficult semester, but I’m excited to start. I finished half … Continue reading

Deja vu?!

Greetings everyone! I have returned to Davidson! I am currently moving into my new dorm room, so posts will be sparse for a few days. But, do not fear I am still taking photos of food and friends! Enjoy the weekend and I will return ASAP!

Marathon Museum

I forgot to tell you about having vintage shopping and eating falafel in the fourth district! On Monday night, I strolled through the back streets of the fourth and ended up buying an awesome seventies lacoste sweater, an irish pullover, and these amazing leather tall boots! Then, I met Laura and we walked to dine … Continue reading

Les Photos! Oh La La!

Bonjour mes amis! Here is a post dedicated to pictures from Paris! Enjoy! (Statue in Luxembourg Gardens) (Entrance into the Gardens) (The main building at one end of the gardens) (Boat race) (Side entrance into the Musee Cluny (Entrance into the Cluny) (Close up for the entrance into the Sorbonne) (Sorbonne) (Nutella crepe) (Laura, bottle … Continue reading

A Million and One Chef d’Oeuvres

As we awoke the next morning Laura showed me how to read her city and metro map. Armed with her map and phone, I began my Parisian adventures while she attended class. I took the metro to the Musee Louvre stop, and immediately memories raced through my mind. I remembered everything about my first visit … Continue reading

Return To The City of Lights!

Greetings from Ramstein Airbase! I apologize for not posting this past week. I had no Internet connection at my residence in Paris, and I have been traveling from Wiesbaden to Ramstein with my brother Dave. I cannot wait to recount the past week! On Monday morning Dave drove me to Luxembourg where I boarded a … Continue reading

Like Brother…Like Sister…

Greetings from Kyllburg! I’m spending the next two weekends with my brother David. Today we went antiquing in Belgium! I found two amazing cookbooks that I purchased for only 15 euros. One is an encyclopedia of french cookery and the other book gives instructions on what to order at restaurants and how to behave. As … Continue reading

A Final Farewell.

Greetings from Germany! I cannot wait to tell you about my final day in Cambridge! I woke up and devoured a delicious breakfast of croissants, yogurt, and oatmeal in Magdalene’s dining hall. I returned to Basing House, finished reading the second Hunger Games book, and walked over to Cripp’s Court for my final tutorial session. … Continue reading

Love in da’ Club.

Today is my last full day in Cambridge. I cannot¬†believe that six weeks have passed. I was just getting used to blogging about England! While strolling around the city, I realized that I will truly miss Cambridge. I am so grateful for this experience and I cannot wait to return to England one day! Yesterday, … Continue reading

Hint of Royalty?

Happy Thursday! Whew! I can finally breathe easier after turning in my research paper. But, I would love to write about my day trip to Ely with Sarah! ¬† After lunch, we walked 45 minutes minutes to the train station and hopped on the train to Ely! 15 minutes later and we have arrived. We … Continue reading